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2023 Lily Dale Season!

We are getting ready for the Lily dale 2023 season. The Monks will be back and there are many season highlight surprises this summer!

I am already taking appointments for the summer season, so as soon as you know your plans, please contact me to get scheduled.

Be sure to check out my schedule (here) to see the events I will be attending in Lily Dale.

I look forward to seeing you soon!!

Lily Dale Catalog

The 2022 Lily Dale Catalog is now available.    Click here: Lily Dale Catalog

Please note they are unable to accept online bookings, If you would like to take my workshop contact me and I can add you to the list. I will contact you once the problem has been corrected.

2022 Season

Lily Dale will officially open on June 24th and we welcome back the Tibetan Monks!

Getting ready for the Summer Season!

Season officially starts June 25th 2021 this year. Many outdoor events and workshops will be available and of course I’m available for in person, phone or video appointments.

Guest on many Radio and Television Shows