It is important for us to have compassion for others. It is very easy for us as “humans” to get caught up in the drama or the moment of every day things to judge others or even have a non-compassionate thought. Humans are drawn to drama, and most drama is negative based. Just take a moment to look at what type of Television shows popular – what are people drawn to? It is no different in our own life to have that same wandering thought. But oh, don’t forget that it is just as important to have compassion for ourselves. Ask yourself – why am I thinking this way? Then surround it with love and healing thoughts!

Daily lessons

Each time we experience a roadblock in our life, it is up to us how we learn and grow from it. Allow each experience to happen and allow it to occur. The more we struggle against it or fight it, we will not learn from it and will need to experience it again. How you react to each event relates to how you learn from each event.

How to set intent

This is as simple as having the thought of what you want to do or what would like to happen.

Have a positive attitude and a positive, loving feeling.

Example of use: If you see someone struggling with a walker, your thought could be please send him or her some healing and love. Or you could even visualize in your mind white healing light going to them for healing. There is no rule how to do this.

This can also be used for several other scenarios. You can use it to remember dreams, be open to communication from Spirit and Loved ones and requesting guidance. For example: Please allow me to remember my dreams and the understanding of them.

Positive thoughts are important! Energy follows thought!