Lily Dale Events

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June 30th         The Paranormalist, Illusionist, Mentalist

July 8th             Keeping Victorian Spiritualism Alive

July 9th             John Zaffis and the Paranormal Couple        

July 14th           Storming the Afterlife

July 14th           Eben Alexander and Karen Newell

July 16th           Validating Dreams and Visions at the end of Life

Aug 4th             Deepen your Spiritual Journey

August 5th       Ghost Brothers  

August 11th      UFOs, Bigfoot and Orange ORBS

August 11th      Conscious Cosmic Contact

August 12th      Cases of Hudson Valley UFOs 

August 19th      The Power of Self-Transformation                              

August 25th      Healing Grief through Ancestral Communication

September 1st   Sean Masterson’s Timeless Magic

Reverend Gregory Kehn
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