Small Intimate Group Readings

Small intimate group readings, are both powerful and very special for all who attend. It’s a time when participants come to realize that life truly is eternal, and our family and friends who have passed over, are never far from us in Spirit form. Group readings can be emotional, but they are often filled with love and hope.
Each session lasts approximately 1.5/2 hours and each participant will hear from a loved one and experience personal detailed communications. Group readings also can contain messages of guidance and wisdom for the group.
It is an honor to connect with the Spirits of loved ones and pass along their healing messages, wisdom and sometimes humorous meanings, in a safe, supportive and intimate setting. These gatherings give all who attend a good understanding of the afterlife and what happens with we pass and cross over.
All sessions are non-refundable due to limited number of seats available. 6 spaces – everyone is guaranteed a reading.
Next Session is January 23rd 2021 via Zoom. $45

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