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Reverend Gregory Kehn
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 by Joan Migton
Enlightening and uplifting experience

A reading with Rev. Gregory Kehn is like spending time with friends and family who have passed while exploring the past, present and future. Rev. Kehn's demeanor is gentle and comforting, joyous and soothing. Would highly recommend.

 by Becky
Excellent !!

An excellent medium.

 by Nancie Carter

Pretty much right on the spot-makes you feel comfortable-I came away with a Peaceful feeling-knowing I am not alone

 by Nikki
30 minute Reading

Rev. Kehn is a natural and follows with spirit. He was able to pick up on my energy and family history and gave me valuable advise on how to navigate and live a healthy fulfilling life. I highly recommend you book a reading with Rev. Gregory Kehn.

 by J.C.
Thank You!

This past week was the very first time I have ever had a reading with a medium. It was something that I have wanted to do for a long time and I always remembered Reverend Kehn's name from family members who have had readings from him in the past. I did a 30 minute phone session and was truly amazed! Right from the beginning Reverend Kehn immediately picked up on what he was seeing and feeling and it blew me away. He very accurately described events from both my past and present regarding family members, employment and my current living situation. He was right on target about so many things and I was pretty much in shock throughout the whole session. He also told me specific details of the night that my mother had unexpecedly passed away. What he told me about her passing that night has given me much peace and I don't have to wonder anymore. He also assured me twice that "she is with you, loves you and watches over you." Thank you so much Reverend Kehn for the very memorable and amazing reading and for sharing your gift with me. Looking forward to the next reading for sure or perhaps a trip to "the Dale".

 by Lisa Jukes
Love and peace

Thank you for the peace of mind you gave me in this very difficult time. As I learn to live this new life, I will also enjoy it in the capacity it is. Love is infinite and I will certainly cherish it in both places and time.

 by Sandy
Peace and gratitude

I always feel better about my life and where I'm heading after talking with Greg. Over the many years that I've consulted him for readings, he has been spot on with what's happening ... or coming soon ... and encouraging me about how I'm handling things. I'm left with a feeling of calm and peace, and healing energy. Thank you for being so accessible.

 by Penny
Overwhelming gratitude

Thank you seems woefully inadequate for the peace of mind I gained from our sessions. Spirit led me to find Reverend Greg at the lowest point in my life following the recent death of my husband of 47 years. With great compassion and insight he helped me to see the light at the end of this very dark tunnel. His positivity about my relocation plans and my concerns about financial stability in my future was very encouraging. His knowledge and description of people in my life was bang on target. How does he do that I wondered as he accurately described my two grandchildren. With his guidance I now can see I am poised to reinvent my new life in a very fulfilling manner. He was able to allay my fears and give me much hope for a rewarding future on my own. Knowing that my husband is still around me and that he had no fear at passing has given me much peace. Reverend Greg is a compassionate, gentle soul with a remarkable gift that is well beyond understanding. I am grateful he has chosen to share this gift with those of us in search of direction and peace of mind. Blessings to you and Leslie, Reverend Greg, and my sincere thanks. Penny

 by Peggy

I received a reading from Reverand Kehn about my hip problems. They are very stiff and he said I would meet a lady who would help me with some sort of therapy. I go to Michele, my cranial-sacral massage therapist and we were talking about my psoa muscle clenching under my right rib cage and she said she would do a psoa release and will continue with passive excercises to release my hips. This was the first time doing this and I already feel the difference. I so want to go back to horseback riding and I may be able. Thanks to Reverand Kehn I was able to get my therapist to think on the problem and come up with a solution because we never addressed this all the time I have been seeing her. He's the real deal and very kind and considerate during the reading.

 by Diana Wilson
With Love and Light

Reverend Gregory is genuine and compassionate, he uses his gift to assist you to becoming the best person you can be. Taking his time in reading your energy and explaining what he picks up in a way that you will understand.

His connection with the spirit world is pure and loving. He knew exactly what it was that I needed clarity on and the information that he shared put my mind at ease and gave me a sense of peace.

I would highly recommend a session with Reverend Gregory.

Diana Wilson

Energy Healer,Yoga Instructor,Nurse

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“Sincere, accurate. Fascinating! Those three words describe Greg Kehn on a talk show…by far one of my favorite and most requested guests! Whether the topic is spiritualism or giving psychic readings for the callers. Greg’s sincerity and accuracy is phenomenal! If you’re looking to book someone to talk about the spiritual aspect of our existence, there’s no one better than Greg.”

Mike Romigh, talk radio host
KDKA, 1020, Pittsburg, PA

“The guidance that Gregory has given me has been consistently extraordinary, and I thank him for all the value he has been to me professionally and personally. Of the more than two dozen people I have referred to Gregory, every single one has found his insight unbelievable and helpful. On behalf of all these people, we are all so very grateful to have met someone in his field so accurate and sincere.”

Christopher Hegarty, President
Christopher J. Hegarty & Co.
Executive training firm
Coauthor, How to Manage Your Boss

“Answers to questions I did not ask. Insights to problems I could not talk about. There is no doubt about his gift when you leave a session with Gregory Kehn, and there is much to think about….consider. When a man you have just met describes conversations that have taken place in your home, 600 miles away, and gives his analysis of the individuals involved, he either works for the FBI or is Gregory Kehn. If it is Gregory Kehn, you are in luck, as he will then shine a light on your unique light to each of us.”

Nancy Stein, Corporate Treasure
American Screw & Rivet Corp.

“Gregory Kehn has a remarkable gift in living on the earth-plane and in spirit with ease. He sees energy flow between these two worlds as one and the same, which allows him to penetrate duality and obtain an immediate grasp of the true nature and accurate insight into the root causes of situations. As a professional astrologer, I am reassured by his faith and encouraged by his choice-less observations.”

Carol Amon, PMAFA
Professional Astrologer

“The diversity of the human mind is demonstrated through Rev. Gregory Kehn. He has the unique ability to understand the essence of a person. Total compassion is depicted when he reveals the personal plans of ones’ past, present and future. To see your life unfolding before you and for the first time with understanding and clarity is emotional utopia. Rev. Gregory Kehn interacts with all life with respect and reverence. It is my personal joy to call this many my friend and my mentor.”

Eileen McClure, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Greg’s readings are exceptionally accurate and insightful. He helped me move through a major aspect of my life in a way that felt affirming and supportive.

Licensed Therapist

My sister recommended Gregory to me many years ago because she thought he was amazing. The first time I had a session with Gregory he provided information about what was going to happen in my life. I was amazed and thought how can he possibly know what would happen? He was spot on with each detail. I kept saying to myself wow! Having a heads up on what was coming allowed me to deal with it in a much better fashion. I always write down any questions because once Gregory starts letting me know what is going on now or in the future I am usually so shocked or surprised that I forget my questions. His sessions have helped me personally and in my business to avoid many conflicts that I was not able to see. I have recommended many people to Gregory and each one has thanked me and said he has such a gift how did you ever find him? I am grateful for the sessions and Gregory’s insights, which are unbelievable until they always actually do happen in my life. He is the most amazing accurate medium that I have ever known. He has a true gift!

Charlie Peterson, President
XXXXXXXX Insurance,Inc

I am always surprised and amazed how Gregory is able to pin point concerns surrounding me. Unbelievable best describes his ability to discuss topics and matters, which are going on not only in my life but also with the people around me. He is spot on with his interpretation of events, whether in the past or in the future. He has put many of my fears and concerns to rest. I leave with a peaceful feeling, a calm about previously was a troubling or confusing circumstance. I feel our Spirit has blessed him with an ability very few possess.

Judy, Business Owner

Reverend Greg Kehn has been helping me for years to understand difficult situations, how to resolve them and how to learn and grow from them. Having just the name of a person, Greg can tell about their character and tendencies and how those qualities are impacting interactions with them. From a question I may ask that has immediate ramifications, Greg sees and informs me what is unfolding further ahead. Greg has been a great blessing in my life, helping me to learn, through his vision, to avoid the lessons that come from the painful results of ill informed choices. I share my experience with gratitude in the hope others may also benefit from Greg’s gift.

Nancy Packes
President, NPI.

I describe Greg to other people as a kind and gentle “therapist” who knows more about what is holding me back in life and the people in my life that may be involved in that aspect than I do. No need to spend the hour explaining your life to him. He’s in tune when he picks up the phone. He works with you wherever you are on your journey. He has a gentle and non-condemning way of nudging you in the right direction with Spirit’s guidance. His readings also follow God’s intention that we must live our own life with the free will that has been given to us and that we must trust. He has changed my life for the better in so many ways. God bless you Greg! Cindy Schrader

Greg offers solid relatable information on situations you may not have given any thought. His info is given in a loving, gentle, careful manner

He gave me a message that my late mother had stored (hidden) some money that I needed to keep my eyes open when clearing the area. So I was sure to check clothing pockets and old pocket books she had. And sure enough, I did find some money hidden in her jean pockets and it was more than just a few one-dollar bills or some loose change!

Mary B

Greg Kehn is unusually talented, mindful, and wise. He has the uncanny ability to describe people and their motivations accurately. There are times when he provides stunning details. But the deepest value of his work rests in his ability to describe the swirl of invisible energies that characterize the present moment and offer guidance that leads to the realization of better possibilities. A reading with him inspires me to take action that leads to higher ground.

R. Nasser

I have had few readings with you in past 20 years and have benefited and made happy with each one. First one was when I had lost my 3-year-old daughter and you got all right about her illness and her happy status in after life. Last one was when I was diagnosed with throats cancer and you reassured me with your connection with spirit that it is not my time yet and you are right. I am cured and being followed up. Continue your work and helping people like me in need of spirit connection and growth.

Thanking you,

I had the great fortune to meet Greg when working years ago in television. Our morning show included a segment where Psychics and Mediums would be invited on to do phone readings with our viewers. By far, Greg Kehn soon became the most popular and accurate, and we invited him to join us weekly. We did live audience shows, and people were astounded by his accuracy, and kind and gentle way he provided information, and how he genuinely helped so many! Greg was way ahead of his time, and continues to grow in his gifts.

The best part of this story for me is that Greg and I became fast friends, and it is a friendship that has grown over the past 30 plus years! Today he is like a brother, and even though we are not geographically close, we still talk, text, and I continue to schedule regular phone readings, and when lucky enough to see him in person, am still thrilled with the information, advice, and peace that his readings have brought to my life.

Rev. Greg Kehn is a true messenger from God. I encourage anyone that is searching for answers, peace, resolution, advice or healing to contact him. It will change your life for the better.

Mary Jo Maluso
Singer/Entertainer/Television – Beyond Broadway Entertainment

“My first reading with Gregory Kehn was by phone about 20 years ago and I’ve had several readings since then. Each one has provided valuable insight into various life situations that have guided my thinking and decision-making. His communication is clear and understandable, direct and yet compassionate. I highly recommend getting a reading from Greg, whether it be in person or by phone.”

Margit, Business Owner

I have been a client of Greg’s for around 20 years, and have taken a number of my friends for consultations with him as well. He is the most accurate medium I’ve ever known. In addition to that, he is a skilled, compassionate, and wise counselor. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. He tells you what you need to hear, and does it in the most positive and encouraging way possible. I am very grateful to Greg!

Valerie Berns

Through the years my experiences with Greg Kehn have been beyond incredible. Through him I have been able to touch base with loved ones who have passed over. I have received communication and comfort knowing that these persons are still a part of my life. It is as though Greg has the ability to take a glimpse into my soul and to touch upon areas of my life where there is pain, problems or needs to be addressed. He has answered questions that remained deep in my heart that I did not verbalize. He has shed light where there is darkness; he has redirected the path of my life more than once. I believe that God uses Greg to guide and direct us, to instill in us wisdom, inner peace and insight. He has the God given gift to comfort the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable! He is counselor, his is communicator, he is link to the beyond, but above all he is always a welcomed friend.

Lynette Grandits

One time many years ago, at the end of my session, Greg said, “By the way, the blood disease will be alright.” I thought that strange until five weeks later I got an unusual, but almost certainly fatal, blood disease. My husband called Greg to say that I was in the ER and that the doctors said to my husband there was very, very little chance of surviving. Greg responded by stating which organ system was involved and to reassure me that I would be okay. This reassurance helped me through the crisis, and I am still here more than 27 years later. Greg has given me many insights over the past thirty years, all-important to me.

Carole W.

My first reading with Greg was in 1997.

That year for me was completely tumultuous. I was in the middle of a “not so friendly” divorce, I was about to face bankruptcy due to my corporate home building business failing and I thought I was loosing my 2 kids to the ramifications of the divorce.

At that time, I did not believe in spiritualism and thought it was either made up or on the side of something you’re not supposed to know and that the origins of such belief were less than holy. I usually made fun of people that got “readings” and contested their validity UNTIL I kept hearing about myself and what I was going through at the time of my divorce with great accuracy! This information came from my stepmother and sister who were going to see Greg on a yearly basis. I would listen to their recorded readings and would hear such accurate information about myself that I had to go see this man for myself. In the upheaval of my life in 1997 and nothing much to loose, I drove to see Greg when he lived during the winters in Ohio. His reading astonished me so much and provided such needed grounding that I not only have seen him every year since for a reading but I’ve become a spiritual Reverend myself in 2016.

To me, it was meeting Greg that would eventually start what was to become a life-changing path. Other things happened that started my psychic awakening but it was Greg that opened the door. I admire and respect his honor and hope that the readings I give others might have such an impact for the greater good.

Reverend Peter A. Jarzynka
Monkberry Inc.

Reverend Kehn combines great compassion with a keen sense of Spirit to deliver comfort and insight right when I need it. He knew when my mother passed and could tell me in astonishingly accurate detail exactly how it happened. He presented “evidence” that gave me faith in my darkest hour. Over the years, he’s also made predictions that seemed highly unlikely at the time, but which actually turned out to be true. His readings give me perspective, lead me to make the best choices and help me to move forward in hope.

Samantha Marshall,
Samantha Marshall

Another psychic recommended Greg Kehn to me when I was going through a crisis, which neither she, nor several other psychics felt that they could help me with. Greg gave me the information and support I needed in a very practical, useful way to get through in one piece. Since then I have continued to see him. I find that he goes seamlessly from the big picture to the tiny details. He gently introduces sensitive subjects and easily changes to the subjects that I want to focus on. I love his insights into the people around me. I always feel that I have gotten more than I came for. He’s a real pro.


Greg Kehn was the first medium or psychic I have ever been to or talked to. My wife passed away exactly 1 year ago today and I had so many questions I wanted answered or addressed. Another person who had several readings with him recommended me to Greg. His calming voice and the way he spoke, placed me at ease right away. During the session, there were several things that came up that I know he could have no way of knowing about and yet he was spot on with the details and information he provided to me. He knew things about my children that only my wife and I knew and even a mention about her car and how neat she kept it.

There was even one thing at the end he mentioned that I was not sure of until we hung up and there in front of me was a letter from the Church telling me of a celebration on All Souls Day for those who have passed during the year. Greg mentioned that my wife told him that she would be there!!

He recorded the whole session and when I listened to it again, other comments he said were true. I want to have another session with him, since it has been a year and hopefully more things will be told to me. God Bless you Greg for who you are and what you do for those of us who lost loved ones and want to be sure they are at peace.

Mike Gianfrancesco
Non Profit Consultant
Cranston, RI

Prepare to be blown away in your first reading with Greg Kehn, the most gifted psychic medium I have ever met! You’ll be amazed and astounded with the level of detail and accuracy of life events that Greg will immediately pick up on. These are details that no one else could possibly know about you.

Greg is very kind and generous to share his wonderful gift, to help people like me bring insight on ways to bring more positive, harmonious energy into my life, both personally and professionally. Greg has most profoundly helped me on a love relationship level, specifically helping me to realize where at times I’ve spent too much of my time and energy into relationships with men that haven’t been right for me, and how I have accepted less than what I deserve. I’ve struggled in my life when it comes to dating (and complete avoidance of dating at times), and Greg as a kind compassionate counselor has helped me move forward in a better, more healthy energy. For me, recognizing this pattern, and what qualities I should be looking for in a life partner have been extremely insightful. My only regret, is not meeting Greg sooner in life!

God Bless!
Nicole Peterson

Greg is an extremely talented visionary. I’m always shocked how well he understands me and the people in my life. Every piece of advice he gives me is on point. And when I don’t take it, I regret it.

Brittany Watkins

I’ve been a client of Greg’s for twenty years. He has become one of my key advisors in areas of career, romance, and health. Still, I am always pleasantly surprised when his words come to fruition sometimes in a way I never expected. When I stopped putting my intentions to interpret what I consciously thought and let spirit unfold naturally, Greg Kehn never fails to amaze me. I will continue to work with him as I strive to spiritually evolve raising my energies to serve in love. Thank you Greg.

April of Course

I have been blessed so many times by Gregory and his gifted abilities. A client for many years, I am forever grateful for his exquisite warmth and knowledge. So many situations have apprised in my life that his insight has helped. I am overwhelmed each time I meet with him by his caring and empathetic visions.

If you ever have wondered or been curious and are seeking the advice and guidance, Rev. Kehn is the answer.

Donna L. Szeluga, Practice Administrator