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Monthly Spiritual Development Classes 7pm (EST)


Next session will start Nov 15th – April 2024. Registration is now open for classes starting November 2023.

Designed for all levels. Comfortable environment among peers. Topics change monthly Register Here 


    • Develop your intuitive abilities
    • Deepen your connection with Spirit
    • Learn how you can use your intuition every day
    • How can Meditation can help you
    • Topics change monthly



Upcoming Classes


July 29th and 30th 2022 – Old Style Mediumship – from the Founders of Modern Spiritualism  @Lily Dale, NY  $200

Lily Dale is having technical issues. If you would like to attend the class please contact me. I will add you to the list and contact you when they are able to take registrations.


    Intensive, interactive 2-day workshop. Be ready to explore your Mediumship and dive deep into your soul to strengthen your skills and be confident to give readings and help others heal while exploring and growing your own Spirituality and life purpose.

    You will learn:

    • How meditation influences your Mediumship and brings the harmony in your life.
    • The first steps to communicating with Spirit and Guides and “feel” the energy.
    • The different types of Mediumship and the difference between the Clairs and how to strengthen them.
    • How to raise your vibration and expand your aura while working with Spirit.
    • Receive and validate the evidence and improve the quality of the communication from spirit, loved ones and guides.
    • Understand the ethics involved in Mediumship work.
    • Understand how beliefs can affect your work and learn how to change it.
    • To recognize the influences of additional spiritual beings who are working with you as you continue to grow.
    • Be confident with accepting and utilizing God’s energy and guidance from Spirit in our lives on a daily basis.
    • How to recognize and use your healing gifts for on hands or absent healing and bring harmony to those around you.
    • Learn the key steps for Astral Projection so you can visit places out of body, remember where you have been, helping and healings others while connecting with them during the out of body experience (OBE).

    This workshop will be highly experiential, with personal coaching from Greg during the exercises. This is open to all skill levels.

    Registration now open!  register here

    Individual Mentoring Sessions

    Now offering Individual Mediumship Development Sessions done in person or via video. Greg works with Spirit to provide you individualized training sessions.

    During initial consultation Greg will provide a clear individualized  assessment  of your current skill level.  Initial consultations are booked for 60 minutes.

    Sessions can be booked one at a time or as multiple sessions.

    At least one week prior to your initial appointment you will be required to provide an electronic copy of one of your readings you have conducted (at least 15 minutes long).

    You will also receive a copy of the session to review at your convenience.

    Fill out the contact sheet to make your first appointment.